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18:18, 30/12
Exemplar-bølge #15 er klar, og disse dommerne er blitt anerkjent!
av verzutiko

I går ble den femtende runden med Exemplar-anerkjennelser publisert, og 5 norske dommere fikk tilsammen 5 anerkjennelser. Av disse var 4 fra andre norske dommere og 1 var fra en hollandsk dommer.

Exemplar Program er et prosjekt som gir Magic: the Gathering-dommere over hele verden mulighet til å fremheve andre dommeres forbilledlige arbeid. Med dette menes arbeid eller adferd som bidrar til positive opplevelser, og som kan være til forbilde for andre dommere.

Her er de norske dommerne som fikk anerkjennelser i løpet av høsten 2018:

Roy-Arne De Wilde (L1)
Håkon Gulbrandsen (L2)
Thomas Frey (L1)
Lars Harald Nordli (L2)
Simen Josdal (L1)

Du kan lese begrunnelsene for anerkjennelsene nedenfor!

Om Roy-Arne De Wilde (L1):

Lars Harald Nordli (L2) skriver: "We worked together on the deckcheck-team at Nationals, and I was very impressed by your great initiative throughout the tournament. You sorted all the decklists alphabetically at a fast pace and you found out which tables you wanted to perform deckchecks for. Even though you hadn't done a lot of deckchecks you took the challenge and overperformed! "

Om Håkon Gulbrandsen (L2):

Lars Harald Nordli (L2) skriver: "Håkon, your performance as Head Judge at the Norwegian Nationals was perhaps even more exemplary than last year. I want to highlight your leadership-style. You correctly delegate tasks to the team leads and have faith that they can complete the tasks given. This frees you up to concentrate on the flow of the tournament itself, and you're a large part of why the tournament was so successful!"

Om Thomas Frey (L1):

Lars Harald Nordli (L2) skriver: "Thomas, when GP Stockholm went short of judges because of late cancellations, you stepped up. Even though you hadn't a lot of time to prepare, you did a great job at your first really big event. Being in a 400+ PTQ isn't something a lot of L1's have the opportunity to do. You told me after the event that you were fatigued and felt stressed at times, but taking the challenge and performing at the event was exemplary of you! "

Om Simen Josdal (L1):

Christian Munoz (L2) skriver: "I would like to nominate you for the awesome tidying up of the LGS you did out of the blue, both I and the players appreciate it alot as coming to tidy and clean spaces are much more inviting than how it sometimes looks after some of the other groups that use the space. :D "

Om Lars Harald Nordli (L2):

Dustin De Leeuw (L3) skriver: "Lars, even though you already have been recognised by Bryan Prillaman for your work in the L1 project, you keep on impressing me by putting out a steady stream of How To Guides. While support and activity of other members is not as high as we had hoped for, nothing seems to be able to stop your enthusiasm, interest and involvement, leading to the creation of tangible and very useful output. Thank you for making current and future L1 judges even more awesome."



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