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NYHETER Nyheter | Månedens kort | Ukens undersøkelse 
08:18, 15/9
Exemplar-bølge #10 er klar, og disse dommerne er blitt anerkjent!
av verzutiko

I dag ble den tiende runden med Exemplar-anerkjennelser publisert, og 8 norske dommere fikk tilsammen 11 anerkjennelser. Av disse var 5 fra andre norske dommere, mens 2 var fra svenske dommere, 1 fra en finsk dommer, 1 fra en argentinsk dommer, 1 fra en kypriotisk dommer og 1 fra en dansk dommer.

Exemplar Program er et prosjekt som gir Magic: the Gathering-dommere over hele verden mulighet til å fremheve andre dommeres forbilledlige arbeid. Med dette menes arbeid eller adferd som bidrar til positive opplevelser, og som kan være til forbilde for andre dommere.

Her er de norske dommerne som fikk anerkjennelser i løpet av sommeren 2017:
Lars Harald Nordli (L2)
Even Lindell Heggø (L2)
Marit Norderhaug Getz (L2)
Håkon Gulbrandsen (L2)
HaiWei Shen (L1)
Andreas Sandvik (L1)
Stian Buch Larsen (L1)
Oddvar Raugstad (L1)

Du kan lese begrunnelsene for anerkjennelsene nedenfor!

Om Lars Harald Nordli (L2):

Asger Skjovberg (L2) skriver: "I was very impressed with your work leading up to the Judge Conference in Stockholm in may. You commented on every other presentation, asking for updates, giving advice and generally encouraging work. You suggested ways to include the audience, material to use and different presentation methods, and also left encouraging remarks, which made my work as content manager a lot easier!"

Damián Hiller (L3) skriver: "Lars, Thanks so much for your contribution to the conferences blog and providing not only insight to what happened during the Nordic Conference but also focusing on the people's experience which I believe, showed a more human aspect of these which we always want to promote and make better known as it's a key aspect to bring people into conferences and I believe your article did a great job here. Also thanks for the patience for the time it took to get it published and poking whenever needed to make it happen!"

Gunnar Olai Sivertsen (L2) skriver: "While preparing our presentations for the Stockholm conference, you gave me some very helpful and constructive feedback, and while looking around the other discussions, I noticed you did or at least tried to do so to pretty much every presenter. Conferences are one of the ways we try to make each other better, and I really appreciate how you tried to make us better at making others better. Very good."

Patrick Ericsson (L3) skriver: "At the last Nordic Conference, you held a seminar on judging at regular in a way that was innovative, engaging and fun. Your work with preparing video segments with just the right mix of substance and humor encouraged discussion and exchange between participants and the overall layout of the seminar made everyone participate in a natural way."

Om Even Lindell Heggø (L2):

Johanna Virtanen (L3) skriver: "Even, Stian Buch Larsen spoke about your contributions to Norwegian magic at GP Copenhagen. You are the reason the local judge community is flourishing and you always made him feel welcome at events. Thank you for everything you've done."

Om Marit Norderhaug Getz (L2):

Giorgos Trichopoulos (L3) skriver: "I would like to thank you for your feedback after GP London. It came as a shock at first, but then I realized why I was perceived this way. Giving feedback to more experienced judges is never easy, especially when it's mostly points of improvent. Yes we need it as much as most of you as we rarely have the option to work under another experienced judge and learn from them."

Om Håkon Gulbrandsen (L2):

Lars Harald Nordli (L2) skriver: "Håkon, ever since joining the project "Rules question group for" you've been one of the most active participants. Your ideas for scenarios serve as an inspiration for others and the project would not have been as successful as it is without your involvement."

Om HaiWei Shen (L1):

Patrik Fridland (L2) skriver: "Forward from Richard Brorsson Moreau HaiWei, during the tournament at GothCon 2017, you really stepped up to help me during my first time judging at a proper tournament. Your excellent mentorship helped me be a better judge and I always felt I could come to you for guidance and advice. The way you balanced giving me advice and support while also being super helpful to so many players at once, always with a relaxed attitude and a smile no matter how stressed we were, really made me feel welcome and happy, too. Amongst all this, you also reminded me to take breaks and helped me get food and drinks, and took time to teach me valuable judge skills. You took me on on your own initiative, and impressed me with your attitude and focus all throughout the day, without compromising the service to the players a single time. An event that could easily have felt overwhelming for me, instead became a pleasant and fun experience. The way you handled everything from mentoring, to judge calls and interactions with the players, set an example for me to emulate and made an impression on me."

Om Andreas Sandvik (L1):

Gunnar Olai Sivertsen (L2) skriver: "At the Amonkhet prerelease, we had some problems with WER that caused registration to take forever. This was a problem for me, since I was the only judge at the event, and there was a lot to do besides taking registrations. If you hadn't helped out, the entire event, and probably the following flights, would have been delayed by a lot, leaving the players frustrated and unsatisfied, maybe causing some of them to miss later flights due to the delays. Not only did you handle the registration problems, you lent a hand whenever I needed one throughout the day, keeping smaller issues from piling up and causing delays. You stepping in meant the difference between a smooth event and one plagued by technical and logistical issues. "

Om Stian Buch Larsen (L1):

Espen Skarsbø Olsen (L2) skriver: "When I worked with you at GP Copenhagen we were sent to the main floor for a while when side events were slow. We took a few calls from the main event, and I was impressed with the way you handled those questions and your understanding of competative REL. You have knowledge beyond what is expected of a L1-judge and demostated it in a good way. Keep up the good work, and if you ever want to try to become a comp rel judge (L2), I feel that you could do it."

Om Oddvar Raugstad (L1):

Espen Skarsbø Olsen (L2) skriver: "Not being afraid to ask stupid questions is a very good quality for a judge. I've seen you ask a lot of good and sometimes "stupid" questions in the Norwegian judge facebook group. This sets a tone in the group that lets the other judges know that it's okay to ask when they don't know something, because a judge isn't supposed to know everything, they're supposed to ask when they don't know."



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