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21:24, 14/6
Exemplar runde #9
av verzutiko

I dag ble den niende runden med Exemplar-anerkjennelser publisert, og 4 norske dommere fikk tilsammen 7 anerkjennelser. Av disse var 3 fra andre norske dommere, mens 2 var fra finske dommere, 1 var fra en svensk dommer og 1 fra en hollandsk dommer.

Exemplar Program er et prosjekt som gir Magic: the Gathering-dommere over hele verden mulighet til å fremheve andre dommeres forbilledlige arbeid. Med dette menes arbeid eller adferd som bidrar til positive opplevelser, og som kan være til forbilde for andre dommere.

Her er de norske dommerne som fikk anerkjennelser i løpet av våren 2017:
Håkon Gulbrandsen (L2)
Marit Norderhaug Getz (L2)
Lars Harald Nordli (L2)
Torgeir Lebesbye (L1)

Du kan lese begrunnelsene for anerkjennelsene nedenfor!

Om Håkon Gulbrandsen (L2):

Johanna Virtanen (L3) skriver: "Håkon, I want to thank you for the efforts you've put into the regional conference project. It's great to see someone taking the lead, asking for feedback and responding to it. Thank you for making this project happen!"

Marit Norderhaug Getz (L2) skriver: "On behalf of Lars Harald Nordli: "Håkon, during Missed Trigger #7 you had a less fortunate result on a judge call that got to you. However, you gathered quickly and continued to be an excellent resource for me during the event whenever I needed you. Other judges could have crashed and burned and not be present (physically and mentally), but you showed great strength of character and that is exemplary for me. I want to thank you for being rock-solid when it counts the most!"

Patrick Ericsson (L3) skriver: "Since joining the nordic conference project, you have had things really getting streamlined and handled communication, deadlines and output in a way that got everyone engaged. You went above and beyond what was expected to make sure we really got somewhere. Without you, the project would definitely not be going along in such an incredibly smooth fashion. Thanks for the effort you put in and example you set for others in the region!"

Om Lars Harald Nordli (L2):

Johanna Virtanen (L3) skriver: "Lars, I'm really impressed with how you've revitalized the regional blog in such a short time. I hope your example can be an inspiration for others to get involved and share the workload. Keep up the good work!"

Håkon Gulbrandsen (L2) skriver: "Lars Harald, I want to recognize you for your fantastic work with organizing the quarterly judge Skype calls. Not only is the prepared material you bring excellent; you also guide the participants through it in a friendly and clear manner. I would also like to emphasize on the social aspect of these calls. It is not very common for L1 judges to travel outside their city for events, and the skype calls let L1's from all around the country get to know each other. Your work is of great importance, thank you for your continued effort!"

Om Torgeir Lebesbye (L1):

Håkon Gulbrandsen (L2) skriver: "On behalf of Pål Andresen (L1): Torgeir, I want to recognize you for your excellent way of mentoring me over the last couple of months. I appreciate the way you allow me to take calls at events, but at the same time help out when you notice that I am uncertain or when I miss something. You always explain to me why you do the things you do, which helps me to understand your motivations, and become a better judge. As a fresh judge, I especially value your availability, and your willingness to unsolicitedly teach me practical tips&tricks."

Om Marit Norderhaug Getz (L2):

Riccardo Mangano (L2) skriver: "When working with you on side events on the Sunday of GP Utrecht, I was impressed by just how helpful you were to all the other judges and how quickly you reacted when help was needed. This showed in several occasions, for example, when you saw a judge having problems setting up a pairing board in a nearby area and went to help them, or when you helped me distribute slips when I suddenly had to take over a second tournament while my first one was in end of round. There were several other situations like this, and I know that other judges on staff noticed this too. Thank you once more for doing such a great job."



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