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Endless Sands
Wildfire Eternal
Liliana's Defeat
Eternal of Harsh Truths
Claim // Fame
Act of Heroism
Sidewinder Naga
Gilded Cerodon
Gift of Strength
Proven Combatant
Djeru's Renunciation
Granitic Titan
Dauntless Aven
Scrounger of Souls
Desert of the Indomitable
Kefnet's Last Word
Imaginary Threats
Banewhip Punisher
Appeal // Authority
Beneath the Sands
Life Goes On
Torment of Venom
Rampaging Hippo
Cunning Survivor
Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs
Aven Reedstalker
Dutiful Servants
Moaning Wall
Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign
Vizier of the True
Eternal of Harsh Truths
Desert of the True
Bitterbow Sharpshooters
Kindled Fury
Aerial Guide
Lurching Rotbeast
Dauntless Aven
Desert of the Fervent
Granitic Titan
Blur of Blades
Angel of Condemnation
Shefet Dunes
Desert's Hold
Saving Grace
Khenra Scrapper
Open Fire
Desert of the True
Aven Reedstalker
Rhonas's Stalwart
Oketra's Avenger
Desert of the Fervent
Seer of the Last Tomorrow
Harrier Naga
Disposal Mummy
Gideon of the Trials
Shefet Monitor
Weaver of Currents
Cryptic Serpent
Forsake the Worldly
Sacred Cat
Aven Initiate
Nimble-Blade Khenra
Shimmerscale Drake
Thresher Lizard
Haze of Pollen
Naga Oracle
Oashra Cultivator
Quarry Hauler
Oketra the True
Faith of the Devoted
Trueheart Twins
Lay Claim
Tormenting Voice
Brute Strength
Wasteland Scorpion
Mighty Leap
Gust Walker
Winds of Rebuke
Cartouche of Strength
Anointer Priest
Nef-Crop Entangler


1 Endless Sands
1 Wildfire Eternal
1 Liliana's Defeat
2 Eternal of Harsh Truths
1 Claim // Fame
1 Act of Heroism
1 Sidewinder Naga
1 Gilded Cerodon
1 Gift of Strength
1 Proven Combatant
1 Djeru's Renunciation
2 Granitic Titan
2 Dauntless Aven
1 Scrounger of Souls
1 Desert of the Indomitable
2 Swamp
1 Kefnet's Last Word
1 Imaginary Threats
1 Banewhip Punisher
1 Appeal // Authority
1 Beneath the Sands
1 Life Goes On
1 Torment of Venom
1 Rampaging Hippo
1 Cunning Survivor
1 Wall of Forgotten Pharaohs
2 Aven Reedstalker
1 Dutiful Servants
1 Moaning Wall
2 Sandblast
1 Forest
1 Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign
1 Vizier of the True
1 Doomfall
2 Desert of the True
1 Bitterbow Sharpshooters
1 Kindled Fury
1 Aerial Guide
1 Lurching Rotbeast
2 Desert of the Fervent
1 Blur of Blades
1 Angel of Condemnation
1 Shefet Dunes
1 Desert's Hold
1 Saving Grace
1 Khenra Scrapper
1 Open Fire
1 Rhonas's Stalwart
1 Oketra's Avenger
1 Seer of the Last Tomorrow
1 Harrier Naga
1 Disposal Mummy
2 Mountain
1 Gideon of the Trials
1 Shefet Monitor
1 Weaver of Currents
1 Cryptic Serpent
1 Forsake the Worldly
1 Sacred Cat
1 Aven Initiate
1 Nimble-Blade Khenra
1 Shimmerscale Drake
1 Thresher Lizard
1 Haze of Pollen
1 Naga Oracle
1 Oashra Cultivator
1 Quarry Hauler
1 Island
1 Oketra the True
1 Faith of the Devoted
1 Trueheart Twins
1 Lay Claim
1 Tormenting Voice
1 Electrify
1 Brute Strength
1 Wasteland Scorpion
1 Mighty Leap
1 Gust Walker
1 Winds of Rebuke
1 Cartouche of Strength
1 Anointer Priest
1 Nef-Crop Entangler


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